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I’m Richard, your first point of contact for all things related to starting and succeeding with your very own home based online business. My mission in life is to provide the very best information and help I can in order to enable your success. The online world is full of offers, schemes and yes, scams as well. My goal is to help you navigate this environment and ultimately help you create success within the online world.

So, who am I and more importantly, why should you trust me to help you with your own home business?

These are definitely valid questions that you should absolutely ask of ANYONE before placing any faith in what they say. So I want to spend a moment and explain a bit about my own online journey.

My Pre-Online Background

Before getting involved in my own online journey, I’d spent many years working as a software developer.

When I first became involved in this it was really exciting. Computers were still quite new back then in the mid 70’s. They were huge things that had way less power than my current smartphone and were incredibly expensive. People that worked on them – especially us computer programmers (as we were known back then) were looked on with some degree of awe.

As the years wore on however, the gloss wore off. It ceased being a fun environment to work in and became a drudge. I gradually became more and more disillusioned with the excessive hours and the pay that seemed to be always going backwards in terms of purchasing power.

So eventually I determined that I really needed to start a business of my own, one that would free me of the drudgery of my job and enable me to become truly independent.

The problem was that it seemed to be such a daunting and also very expensive process to start up a business. Until that is I was introduced to a concept called “Affiliate Marketing” by a colleague I liked who’d got involved with it and was starting to make some serious money using it.

DEFINITION:¬†Affiliate marketing is a marketing process in which a company (the vendor) compensates partners (the affiliate) for business created from the affiliate’s marketing tactics

The more I looked at it the more excited I became. It seemed like the dream solution for someone who wanted to start a serious business but had little in the way of funds or time. There was no need to purchase any stock, no need for sales skills, no need for expensive premises. ALL I needed to do was to put potential customers in touch with a vendor and then collect a nice commission when they purchased – so easy!

Fast Forward a Couple of Years

I soon discovered of course that there was a little bit more to this affiliate marketing concept than I first realised – as is always the case. It took me more than a year before I earned my first $100 and I began to lose hope that I could ever make it work for me.

The breakthrough for me came when I stumbled¬† quite by accident across a site that completely changed my life. It’s a site that had been developed by top affiliates in order to help other affiliates and it’s completely unique. It provided everything I needed to start finally succeeding with affiliate marketing:

  • amazing training
  • lightening fast site hosting
  • powerful development and research tools
  • a super helpful community

And the best thing was I could get started for free

So I created a free starter account and got involved in a big way. It turned out to be one of the two best decisions of my life (the other being to propose to my wife) and before too long I had a business that was starting to bring in serious income and also one that I could be proud of.

The site I’m talking about is called Wealthy Affiliate and if you’d like to create a free starter account of your own then you can do so here

Now my Goal is to Help People Like YOU

There was one important concept that I learned through my involvement with Wealthy Affiliate. That is: the importance of “Paying it Forward”.

I gained a huge amount of support, knowledge and insight from interacting with the wider community within Wealthy Affiliate and it was that really more than anything else that set me on the pathway to success.

So, now it’s my turn to do the same and that’s why I created this site – and why I get actively involved within Wealthy Affiliate, helping others in the same way I was helped.

I hope that you learn valuable lessons from the content on my site and if you ever need help of your own you can contact me by leaving a message below or from within Wealthy Affiliate if you decide to create your own account (my handle in the site is “richardr01”)

Thanks for visiting!

Richard – Founder

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